For questions about admission, the ID/DD Waiver Program, the 1915i State Plan, or to schedule a tour, please contact our Executive Director Bill McCormack at 601-856-3200, ext. 224 or our Director of Community Services or Sarah Stowers, our Director of Community Services and Administrator  at 601-856-3200, ext. 241.

Who we are

SON Valley is a ministry of Baptist Homes, Inc. We are the only private, Christian, Intermediate Care Facility Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (ICFMR) in the state of Mississippi. We are open to all races and creeds, but will maintain the Christian atmosphere. SON Valley is unique in Mississippi.

  • We serve the spectrum of the Intellectual and Developmental Disabled, from the high functioning to the profoundly disabled.
  • We take adults and care for him/her for the rest of his/her life.
  • We are located on 80 acres of donated land in Madison County, just outside of Canton.
  • We have two group homes, a recreational area, a 50’ by 60’ pavilion, and a workshop.

We need your help!

SON Valley is a private non-profit organization ministering to the needs of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.According to the IRS, we are a 501 (c) 3 organization so any and all gifts are tax deductible.