History of Baptist Homes, Inc.

In June, 1998 Dr. Bill Causey, Executive Director of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, organized a committee to explore the needs of the intellectually disabled in Mississippi. The committee was charged with determining whether there was a particular area of concern that needed to be addressed, and if it was feasible to do so.

The committee, some of whom were parents of children with intellectual disabilities, reported that the critical problem area was with adults. There were places and programs in place for those under 21 years old. Those were generally schools which helped to develop the students academically and socially. The real problem arose when those children aged out of the public school system.  With the lifespan of this population continually getting longer, parents came to the realization that their child might outlive them. With these needs in mind, the committee sought to move forward.

Mississippi Baptists realized they did not have the ability to provide for the needs of this population and from there, the committee knew they had to do something. The result of their meetings was that Baptist Homes, Inc. was formed and the idea for SON Valley blossomed. It’s important to note that Baptist Homes, Inc. is not a member of the Baptist Cooperative program and therefore receives no funding from the Baptist Convention. The Convention supports the idea of SON Valley and encourages individuals to support it. Note: The State Baptist Convention passed a Resolution in October 2002 endorsing the work of Baptist Homes, Inc.

An important milestone was reached when Baptist Homes, Inc. was given an 80-acre tract of land outside Canton. The catalyst for a good fundraising program was provided when a wonderful donor pledged $500,000 payable to Baptist Homes, Inc. when they matched the initial $500,000.

We began construction in 2005 and on July 5, 2007, our first two residents made SON Valley their home! Not long after that, our second home was completed and soon we were at capacity. We currently have 20 men and women who call SON Valley home.

The short history of Baptist Homes, Inc. is a record of God’s intervention and of His enduring promise “I will never leave you or forsake you.” – Hebrews 13:5 (HCSB)