Our Mission
The Mission of Son Valley is to build and operate a quality Christian Community for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, ministering to their physical, spiritual, mental, vocational, and recreational needs.
Our Philosophy
The Philosophy of Son Valley is that our Mission constitutes a ministry, and that service to our residents must take place within a Christian context. Our staff must strive to uphold the highest of Christian ethics and ideals in everything that we do.
Our Difference
SON Valley is a CHRISTIAN Ministry seeking to minister to the whole individual. Our focus is on the individual; seeing that their needs are met in a professional manner.

Upcoming Events

  • 6/23/17 – SON Valley’s Got Talent!
  • 6/27/17 – Pam L’s Birthday!
  • 6/29-30 – MFUGE Volunteers
  • 7/3/17 – Resident of the Month
  • 7/4/17 – Happy Fourth of July! (CC Closed)
  • 7/6/17 – Crafts with Brenda
  • 7/11/17 – Men’s Luncheon @ FBC Jackson
  • 7/14/17 – Walmart Shopping
  • 7/21/17 – Sonbeams “Christmas in July”
  • 7/22/17 – Beauty & Bold Pageant
  • 7/24/17 – Women’s Luncheon @ FBC Jackson
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We Need Your Help

SON Valley is a private non-profit organization ministering to the needs of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. According to the IRS, we are a 501 (c) 3 organization so any and all gifts are tax deductible.